Business Simulation

Best Entreprenneurship 07/2012 
University Petru Maior, Tirgu Mures, Romania
Hans Peter Schröder, Ciucan-Rusua Liviu


The term Business Simulation refers to a business game learning method for simplified representation of reality (model) of a company in the competitive environment. Through a realistic simulation of business processes business simulations are considered particularly suitable for the training of management and leadership skills.

Around 98 percent of all accredited universities in the United States are using business simulations [1]. This entails an enormous research on this topic. The results of these studies can be loud Brennan and co-authors summarised as follows [2]: Some studies have shown that simulation games are a suitable representation of reality, and in a way, as managers, they experience in real life. This applies to the formulation of strategies, the analysis of different factors that influence the outcome as well as the improvement of analytical skills and team communication. Basically, two types of business simulations can be distinguished:

  1. Case studies that are presented in the form of Excel examples to students and
  2. Simulations starting from a more or less complicated initial state evolve into a company's history by management decisions.

So far, there is no objective evidence that students who learned the expertise based on simulation have been able to cut in the examination better than their fellow students who are taught, for example, with the help of case studies. Conference Paper. more ...




Steuerung von Risiken mit Hilfe eines Neuronalen Netzes

Eine Netzstruktur in Form eines "Modified Restricted Boltzmann" Netzes wird über alle Standard-Prozesse der CoBIT-Organisaton gelegt. Zusätzlich werden Prozesse, die das operationelle Risiko von Geschäften beschreiben, in die CoBIT Prozess-Struktur eingefügt und in die Netzarchitektur integriert.

Während die Standard-Prozesse der CoBIT-Organisation meist in ein Reifegradmodell eingebunden sind und nur konzeptionell angepasst werden, unterliegen die operationellen Risiken schnell veränderlichen Prozessen. Das Boltzmann Netz trägt diesem Sachverhalt Rechnung. Es beginnt bei hohen Temperaturen, und versucht, durch "künstliches Abkühlen" die globalen Minima der Energie aufzufinden. Durch geeignete Wahl der "Abkühl-Parameter" wird Einfluss auf die "Abkühl-Geschwindigkeit" und die Verschiedenheit der Prozesse genommen. mehr ...