Photo-Nuclear-Reactions might bring Light into the Darkness.

Jesus said: „Let him who seeks not cease to seek until he finds: when he finds, he will become troubled. When he is troubled, he will wonder, and he will reign over the All.”

The Gospel of Thomas (Logion 2)

A fictional non-rotating black hole of 10 solar masses of 600 km Distance. The Milky Way in the background will be distorted, twice by the space-time curvature. (Computer simulation, Wikipedia)

Photo-Nuclear-Reactions are done by Theory normally with Maxwell-Components of the Photon-Field Equations Components. However, there are two more Components of the Field Equation: The longitudinally Photons and the time-like Photons. They are viewed as unphysical because is difficult to find a suitable Experiment. But what if it turns out that they produce, for example, in the interaction with atomic nuclei, gravitational effects?