Dr. Johann Köcher, Dr. Hans Peter Schröder
detaliu reactor
Inspirited by the Theory of Thermodynamics combined with elements of Materials Science, we have developed an aggregate of "Reactor Synthesis Cluster Radial – Technology" for wining a so-called “post-oil fuel”, a new water aqueous diesel, which is non-flammable in environmental conditions and which has a mixing ratio of about 85% water, 5% emulsifiers and 10% diesel or bio-oil or recycled oil. Over a diaphragm, air is blown with high pressure into the “post-oil fuel”, which causes the Formation of microscopic bubbles in the mixture.The aggregate can operate with any conventional diesel engine - no significant changes need to be made. Usually it is sufficient to switch the pre-maintenance aggregate just before the fuel injection unit. However, the very nature of our reactor causes in the diesel engine a burning process when the hydrogen-oxygen combustion begins at a temperature of about 4000° C triggered by the energy of the imploding bubbles.
Reactor and various diesel engines are currently in the pilot phase (electronic control unit). Final Report 9/2017.